Hi I'm Alexis. I'm socially awkward. I love cats, sweaters and bongs. 16;*taken;*
Central New York area.
I don't bite I promise
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my neck

my back

my pizza

and my snacks

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doing a math question on a multiple choice test and getting an answer that isnt even listed as one of the choices


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if I lie here

if I just lay here

I’ll probably fall asleep so leave me alone

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Don’t shame the girls who sent pictures of themselves half-naked to their significant others as a way to express eroticism which is healthy and natural… give the people hell who think it’s okay to destroy someone’s trust and distribute those images simply for entertainment purposes. 

Say it again. I don’t think they got it the first time. Too much truth.

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some of my music makes me want to cuddle for 7 hours and some of my music makes me want to do hard drugs in a motel room while wearing lingerie

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